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About Us

Washingtonian Tours

Washingtonian Tours was founded in 2011 to provide professional private tours of Washington, DC in Spanish and English. Our main goal has always been to provide a high level of excellence, care and professionalism to all our tours.

Most recently, Washingtonian Tours has expanded after the well-known agency Potomac Tour Guides International ceased to exist after more than 20 years of operations. We acquired Potomac’s clients and providers lists, and added their tour guide roster to our own. We know offer sightseeing tours in 14 major languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Danish, Finish and Hebrew.

We specialize in highly customized tours through national parks, historic neighborhoods and scenic locations in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD.  We specialize in airport transfers, meet and greet and tour escorts.

If you are in need of truly exceptional tour guiding services with or without transportation, please contact us.